STA – Single Tooth Anesthesia “The Wand”

 Kiddsmiles wants every child’s dental visit to be a positive and comfortable experience not only for them but for their parents too. We are always implementing new technology to help us achieve that goal. To treat a child’s tooth without pain, tooth numbing/local anesthetic is necessary. Typically, local anesthesia is administered with a needle and the numbing done with a needle numbs the entire area around the tooth, including the lips and gums. This method of anesthesia is typically associated with additional trauma in the way of cheek/lip biting.

STA is available as an alternative to injectable anesthesia, STA can be administered with or without the use of Nitrous Oxide. STA is Single Tooth Anesthesia – it is administered not as an injection, but through a computerized sensor-controlled probe that slides alongside the tooth in the small crevice between the tooth and gums.

What are the benefits of the Wand/STA?

The most obvious benefit of STA (The Wand) is the removal of the need for a traditional dental syringe. The fact that a child won’t be receiving a shot will reduce his/her initial anxiety exponentially.

The STA “injection” is much more comfortable and much less painful for the patient thanks to the precise control of the flow of anesthesia and since the anesthesia affects only the tooth being worked on, post-operative numbness and the possibility of additional trauma in the way of cheek/lip biting is greatly decreased.

There is no waiting period associated with STA – there is a much quicker onset of anesthesia and the treatment can begin immediately after the anesthesia is administered.